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Ocean Shores Police Department

Mission Statement: The mission of the Ocean Shores Police Department is to prevent crime, enforce the law and support quality public safety by delivering respectful, professional and dependable police services.
Vision Statement: The Ocean Shores Police Department will continue to grow, adapt and evolve as we provide the highest level of service and protection to our residents and the visitors to our community.

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Get in touch with Ocean Shores Police Department to learn more about our law enforcement services. Please do not call the office number to report a crime or request contact with an officer. Please call 911 or Grays Harbor E911 Dispatch at 360-533-8765.

577 Point Brown Ave NW. Ocean Shores, WA 98569



                        Our Police Station

The Ocean Shores Police Department is a proactive, professional organization that prides itself on its interaction and support within the community. The Department is currently staffed with a Police Chief, Deputy Chief, four Sergeants, four Patrol Officers, Code Enforcement/Animal Control Officer, an Evidence Tech and a Records Clerk. The Department also operates a Marine Patrol Division.


Water Emergency Press Release



Stage 1 Water Emergency

Ocean Shores, WA – June 17, 2021 – The City will declare a Stage 1 Water Emergency effective on Monday, June 21st.

A Stage 1 Water Emergency is intended to identify an anticipated water shortage.  In this case, a critical chemical supplier for disinfection of drinking water in Ocean Shores has notified customers of an expected inability to meet demand due to manufacturing limitations.  Issuing this notice does not mean that the City will not be able to produce and deliver water, it is intended to raise awareness that if the City consumes the on-hand supply of disinfection material, the Washington State Department of Health will likely require the City to issue a Boil Water Notice, which will change how customers use drinking water. 

The City’s on-hand supply is limited and expected to last for approximately 30 days.  The City of Ocean Shores is asking both residential and commercial customers to be more aware of their water usage as this event unfolds.  City staff has been informed that product manufacturing is expected to resume at the end of June, but staff does not have confirmation of when the next material order will be filled.   

Depending on the usage rate of the on-hand supply and product availability, the City anticipates moving to a Stage 2 Water Emergency near the beginning of July.  A Stage 2 Water Emergency is a serious water shortage and identifies that voluntary reductions in usage is necessary.  It is important to note that as water usage decreases, the on-hand supply will last longer, buying valuable time and potentially staving off a Boil Water requirement.  

At this time, there are no health or safety risks.  The Stage 1 notice is intended to provide information for the general public regarding the immediate benefits of water conservation.  Water conservation tips can be found in the City’s Annual Water Quality Report.  Additional conservation tips may be made by the City as this emergency continues.

For more information regarding this information, please contact Nick Bird at (360) 940-7542.


4th Of July

Please click the link for the latest information regarding the 4th of July in Ocean Shores.


Public Announcement

Beginning Tuesday March 23rd, the Ocean Shores Police Department will be open for fingerprinting services for Concealed Pistol Licenses (CPL’s) only. Fingerprinting will be by appointment only, on Tuesdays between 8:00 AM and noon or Thursdays between noon to 4:00 PM. To schedule an appointment please call 360-289-3331 Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM.


Public Information Announcement

It has come to our attention that someone has been placing calls from a 509 area code number, which is in Eastern Washington, and identifying himself as being with the “Sheriffs and Police Chiefs Association.” He has been asking for donations, trying to leverage support for law enforcement and can become very pushy. Be aware, as these calls are fraudulent. Please do not donate to this individual. The Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs (WASPC) does not make phone calls like that.


Public Announcements

Public Announcement

We have had a major increase in visitors to our beaches this summer, especially when the weather is nice on the weekends. With this increase, we have been having bigger problems with vehicles driving through the closed area. So, here is a reminder to everyone, whether you are a resident, returning visitor or a new visitor:

The beach area between the Chance Ala Mer and the Pacific beach approaches, is closed to all vehicle traffic between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

The signs which are posted, advising of this closure, are the responsibility of Washington State Parks and WSDOT. The Ocean Shores Police Department has been in contact with the WA State Parks Department in reference to the signage and have been advised that the Parks Department is working on it. They hope to get the funds in their 2021 Budget to enable them to get more and better signs for that area.

In the meantime, please do not drive in the closed area. This is a “safe” area when people can enjoy the beach with their families, young and old, without having to worry about the dangers of vehicle traffic passing by.

It is becoming evident that the signs are often blocked by vehicles parking near them, making them difficult to see unless you are really looking for them. A good rule of thumb is to remember that if you approach the beach off Chance Ala Mer, the beach to your left is closed to vehicle traffic. And if you approach the beach off Pacific Ave, the beach to your right is closed to vehicle traffic.

If you have any questions regarding the closed area on the beach, feel free to contact the Ocean Shores Police Department or Washington State Parks.

Also, with the increase of visitors to our beaches, we have had more vehicles getting caught in the tides. If you are planning on parking on the beach, make sure you are aware of the tide tables in conjunction with where you park your vehicle. An important point to make is, please make sure you are looking at the tide tables for Ocean Shores and not the Seattle area, because they are very different tides.

Every year we have people park their vehicle at low tide, unaware that the tide is coming in as they go for a long walk down the beach or they walk to the closed area to spend the day. And when they return to their vehicle they find that it is now in the water. That is bound to ruin anybody’s relaxing beach day at the beach.

You can find the tide tables by visiting


Chief Logan

Ocean Shores Police Chief

Chief Logan has been with the Ocean Shores Police Department since 2014. She began her law enforcement career in 1995. She is a graduate of the FBI National Academy, class #237, and is a graduate of Eastern Washington University earning her bachelors in Criminal Justice.
In her spare time you can find her running as she has participated in multiple races to include the Boston Marathon and also triathlons.

Marine Patrol

From the Start


Ocean Shores Police Department operates a Marine Patrol Division. There are 26 miles of interconnected freshwater lakes and canals. The Marine Patrol Division consists of 5 officers who help maintain public safety and focus on educating the boating public. The Ocean Shores Marine Patrol also conducts marine rescues, vessel inspections, as well as patrol duties to include speed stops. The Ocean Shores Marine Patrol focuses on freshwater canals and lakes, ensuring individuals are adhering to boating safety regulations.


Drone Program


Started in July 2018 Ocean Shores Police Department began looking at the possibility of using commercial-grade drones to assist in a surf rescue. Ocean Shores Police Officers have spent many hours training with the drones to take into account the windy conditions the beaches often have. The drones will allow for officers to drop a flotation device into the water without the added risk of being in the rough waters themselves.



How can I report a crime?

You can report a crime 24/7 by calling 911 for emergencies or E911 at 360-533-8765 for non emergencies.

How can I get a copy of a police report?

To request a police report you can visit  OSGOV.COM, click on "Public Records Request Form" located at the bottom of the site. This will open a fillable PDF file. This can be submitted via fax at 360-289-2022, email at: or by mail to: Po Box 909. Ocean Shores, WA 98569. You can also contact the police department and one can be accepted by phone.
Please note that all public records requests are subjected to the Public Records Act. Some information may be redacted to protect the privacy of citizens.

How do I apply for a Concealed Pistol License?

You must go to the police department/sheriff's office in the city/county you reside in. For Ocean Shores residents, you can pick up a paper application at the Police Department.

The following costs are as listed:

Original- $49.25

Renewal: $32.00

Late Renewal: $42.00

Replacement: $10.00

How do I license my animal?

Pet Licenses are available at the police department. Please bring with you proof of their last rabies shot. 

No barnyard animals or exotic pets

No more than 3 pets per household

Please see City Ordinance 6.04 pertaining to Animals at:!/OceanShores06/OceanShores0604.html#6.04

Where can I find the Municipal Code's for Ocean Shores?

You can find the Municipal Codes on the city webpage or

Where can I get a bicycle license?

Ocean Shores Police Department offers licenses for bicycles free of charge. You can come to the office anytime Monday through Friday between the hours of 8am to 4pm.

I lost my dog or cat, what do I do?

You can call the Non-Emergency number any time at 360-533-8765 and request to speak with Animal Control. You can also call our office at 360-289-3331 Monday through Friday from 8am - 4pm and request Animal Control's voicemail.

Can I take my quad or four wheeler out on the beach?

No. These vehicles are not allowed out on the beach. Please read City Code 10.32.030 for further information at!/OceanShores10/OceanShores1032.html#10.32

How do I report a violation of Covid19 Executive Orders?

The City of Ocean Shores has a PDF that can be filled out and submitted electronically. To submit Violations please go to the following site and following the instructions.